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Illinois has very lenient homeschool laws. Homeschools are considered to be private school and the parent is not required to fill out paperwork or answer to the state as long as the child's education is equivalent to that of a public school. Here are some common questions about homeschooling in Illinois. How many days a year does my child need to homeschool in Illinois? There are no laws that dictate how many days or hours a day a child in illinois should homeschool. Courts have ruled however that a child's schooling days and hours should be equivalent to that of a public schooled student.

Do I need to fill out paperwork to homeschool in Illinois? No. Notification of homeschooling to the local superintendent or State Board of Education is by choice. However, it is highly recommended that a dated letter be sent to remove your child from the public school.

What are my homeschooling options in Illinois? In illinois, homeschools are classified as private schools.

Are there any specific regulations a homeschooler must follow? The only stipulations to homeschooling in Illinois are that the parent, teacher, and/or tutor are competent and that the students education is equivalent to public schooling.

Can Illinois homeschoolers use public school programs? Homeschoolers may use public school programs provided there is sufficient space available at the school, course particiation is requested by May 1 of the previous school year, and the requested course is part of the school's regular curriculum. Special education services and Drivers Ed are are also offered to homeschooling. Schools are not obligated to have homeschoolers participate in it's sports programs and there are laws that limit participation.

Does My homeschooled child need to take standardized tests? Homeschooled students in Illinois are not required to take standardized tests, but may do so if they wish. Public schools may allow students to participate in testing services.

How do I choose a curriculum for my homeschooled child? The state of Illinois makes no recommendations for homeschool curriculum. It would be wise to go to homeschool conventions, meet with other homeschooling families, and peruse the Internet for homeschool options.

What happens if my homeschooler returns to public school? In Illinois, homeschoolers can be admitted into public school whenever they choose. They will, however, need to be assessed for