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Course Description:
This course is designed to give the up and coming scientist in your home the opportunity to
learn a multitude of information in a totally "hands on" environment. Each student will learn how to document and
draw conclusions from the world of science, students will learn to document data as well as learn to develop excitement and a curiosity for everything related to science. Some areas of self exploration: This class will explore outside field trips.


Course Description: 
This course is for is a combination of levels I & II.
This class has a heavy focus on English grammar. Students will gradually memorize prepositions and learn to
identify and delete prepositional phrases from sentences, enabling them to find subjects and verbs very easily. They
will learn about nouns, verbs, types of sentences, capitalization and punctuation rules, adjectives, adverbs,
pronouns, conjunctions and interjections. Literature will be geared toward these grade levels. Vocabulary words
will be taken from each book that we read. The students will also memorize poems and give several poetry
recitations throughout the year. Several prewriting activities will be covered.Level II students will be given more thought provoking assignments in writing and poetry. FOCUSED ON CRITICAL THINKING

Course Description:
The goal is to introduce quality literature on a advance level practice written responses to those works. We will focus on organized writing skills in a variety of formats, such as description, process, and cause and effect. After practicing these formats in paragraphs, students will be introduced to several essay formats. Key wording from sources and beginning lessons in sentence variety will be also be conducted. Students will read books from black authors and a collection of short stories. Additionally, For each book, vocabulary words will be introduced, and students will
write entries in a response journal throughout the year. 

Course Description:
A beginners class where students will work in a variety of media giving them the opportunity to grasp a basic understanding of the art world and art making process.Drawing is the fundamental skill in art education.Observation drawing, drawing what you see, and learning how to draw what your eye sees will be explored. Students will explore projects that are designed to develop artistic ability, provide art awareness,
understand aesthetics and instill appreciation for both art history and art making. Projects are focused on the elements of art and media may include: colored pencils, oil pastels, scratchboard and others.

Course Description:
This course will begin with a review of addition, subtraction, multiplication &  division. Other
topics will include: parentheses, linear measure, perimeter, comparing & sequences, scales & graphs, place value,
negative numbers, average, factors, fractions, reciprocals, area, decimals, polygons, prime factorization, lines,percent, exponents, volume, ratio, angles, unit conversion, and pi. Concepts will be introduced, incrementally practiced, and reinforced in subsequent lessons. Students will also practice problem solving techniques through word problems.

Course Description:
 We will begin by reviewing foundational concepts and skills. Other topics covered are: measurement, estimations, rate, powers and roots,geometric proofs, scientific notation, graphing functions, quantitative comparisons, balancing equations,transformation of formulas, literal equations, algebraic terms, irrational numbers, factoring algebraic expressions,substitution, graphing linear equations and inequalities, geometric construction, scale factor and indirect measure,similar and congruent figures, data collection, display, and analysis, probability and statistics.Concepts will be introduced, incrementally practiced, and reinforced in subsequent lessons.This class will prepare the students for
upper level mathematics.

Course Description:
Students will develop the ability to apply basic mathematics to algebraic equations that employ polynomial expressions.
Factoring polynomial expressions to solve equations using the FOIL method,solving geometry problems, factoring polynomial fractions,graphing and using the quadratic formula will also be included in this course.

Course Description:
This class is offered to students as a review and for advanced 4th grade students

Environmental Science
Course Description:

Environmental Science is a course designed to give students a basic introduction to the environment. These concepts are reinforced by appropriate laboratory activities, mathematical solutions, historical perspectives, and everyday applications.

 Course Textbook

Environmental Science

By Karen Arms

Publisher: Holt

 Semester Topics

Introduction to Environmental Science



Water, Air, and Land

Mineral and Energy Resource

Our Health and Our Future


Course Description:

Drill puts students in the mindset they need in order to focus, concentrate listen, hear and obey instructions.
This consists of a combination of military movements. 

Course Description:
This course is designed to give the student an introduction to the Holy Qu'ran, Bible and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as taught by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Course Description:

Provides a personal introduction to the study and performance of music for violin. Class may be repeated every 10 weeks. half-hour private lessons upon request

Course Objectives:

By the completion of the class, the students should, with an accuracy be able to:

  • Read music for violin
  • Correctly interpret rhythms
  • Bow and pluck melodies with appropriate technique
  • Use correct hand and arm position
  • Play three different scales and arpeggi per semester
  • Perform lower-division repertoire for the violin
  • Play in ensemble with other instrument

Fee will be determined by instructor

Course Descriptions:
  This course introduces the fundamental elements of the standard Arabic language within the cultural context .Emphasis is placed on the development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written Arabic and demonstrate cultural awareness.  

    Course Description:
    This African Rites tradition is an academic system of teaching through scholastic and experiential exercises. The program is designed to facilitate, build and strengthen the following life skill competencies in our youth:

    • Social
    • Moral
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Cognitive

    The Manhood Training Class initiates transition into adulthood through the passing on of knowledge and tradition by a trained brother from the community. He will instill in the youth through numerous challenges, experiential exercises and workshops. In the African tradition, of manhood training.  The youth must ask for the RITE (right) or permission OF PASSAGE (passing on) to a higher level of human social and educational development. After the youth have demonstrated competency in their academic and personal development during the training program, the Elder in the community grant permission to their RITE OF PASSAGE.


    Course Description:

    Designed for parents and teachers to help children recognize commonly found barriers to learning; this course also gives the practical knowledge to overcoming these barriers which every child experiences. The result is a child who can read, understand and apply any subject he is studying, and when he can do this, he can think for himself and he has a strong self-esteem. Learning How To Learn is like having a teacher there whenever a child needs help.

    : Chess Club, Martial Arts, Apprenticeships, Service Learning Projects...

    Field Trips: