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Mission Statement

A safe place for homeschool families to learn, grow and to recieve a quality environment to Master their full potential.



We are a God-centered cooperative that provides a variety of educational and enrichment classes for homeschooling families. We co-labor with each other and God to achieve creative excellence by serving each other through our strengths.


While families participating in the co-op are not required to agree with every doctrinal point contained in the following value statements, we do ask that they agree not to dispute, challenge, or debate these Governing Values during co-op hours. 




As homeschool parents, we feel that God has called and enabled us to homeschool our children. We feel that cooperatively we can provide enrichment opportunities that may be of benefit to families.



 Parents are asked to volunteer when they are able to serve at least in one of the following areas: lead teacher, co-teacher, class/teacher’s aide. The Leadership Team will assign you a volunteer position if/when you are able to. These positions will be given to you with your child’s class packet.


The ONLY exception to this policy is that parents who work can not. 


Enrichment classes offered may vary from term to term. However, we may have people who volunteer their time and talents teaching classes who are not co op members.


Inclement Weather Policy:

We will make determinations about closings due to weather conditions by 5 a.m. on co-op days. Co-op participants will be placed in an e-mail loop and the website which will be our main means of communication. Please check your e-mail and website by 5:00 a.m. on co-op days for any special notices about bad weather. (If you do not have an e-mail account, please check website.)




Parent Responsibilities

1. Respect and encourage adherence to all guidelines.

2. Arrive ten minutes early. Please note that classes are scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m. You need to arrive before the start time

3. If you are volunteering and you cannot attend on the day you are scheduled to work, it is your responsibility to call a member of the Leadership Team as

soon as possible. If you are a teacher’s aide, also call the teacher with whom you work.

4. Remain on site AT ALL TIMES.

5. Be willing to adhere to the Conflict and Discipline policies.

6. All classrooms need to be tidy and in order before the next class begins and when it ends (this makes the first part easier).


**Parents will be required to sign a Parent Agreement


Student Responsibilities:

1. Adhere to the dress code.

2. Be on time.

3. Be prepared. Bring supplies, books, and homework.

4. Be prepared to "Master"

5. Be respectful of others and their property.



Conflict Resolution Policy:

Unfortunately, personality conflicts and misunderstandings can happen. It is important that we agree on how to deal with these situations, should they arise. We asked that the  parties.. teacher, parents seek to resolve the conflict and if just and equal means is not met and either one or both parties is not happy with the resolution...


As a last resort, the conflict will be taken to the Leadership Team, and they will make the final decision.


*resolve/resolution—achieved when all parties reach mutual agreement or understanding.


Discipline and Standards Policy:

1. Parents should monitor their children’s behavior when needed. Uncooperative or disruptive children will be removed from activities.

2. Children should respect authorities.

3. For minor infractions, the child will be given a verbal warning, and a written note will be given to the parent.

4. In cases of more serious disciplinary issues, the following should be considered standard procedure:

a. Child will be given a verbal warning by the instructor, and parent will receive written notice.

b. If unacceptable behavior continues, the child and parent must meet with Leadership Team..

c. If this behavior continues in class the student may be dismissed from class and may be withdrawn from the co-op and no fees

will be refunded. Any other participation in future co-ops will be for a probationary period. Elijah's Place

 reserves the right to expel any student from the co-op, if disruptive behavior fails to be curtailed.

d. Parents need to be willing to allow the instructors to discipline their children according to the procedures outlined above

and must be willing to abide by the instructor’s decision to dismiss their children from the class if the instructor deems

it necessary.

5. Each child attending Elijah's Place must be willing to adhere to the guidelines of this policy.


Dress Code:

1.All Brothers will wear black suite with red bowties 

2. Black Shoes.

3. Hair cut.

4. On Thursday/ Friday sweat suite.



Registration Policy:

A per family fee is required with your registration. Advance month are also due with your registration. Registration is done on a first come first served basis.  Should the co-op have to close due to size limitations, families may be put on the waiting list and invited to fill vacated spots at the discretion of the Leadership Team.


 All fees must be paid before your child is fully enrolled. Tuition must be paid the first day of the school day of the Month if you're paying weekly the first school day of the week. We wll not accepted late tuition payment after the second week. Your child will be dismissed and can not return until tuition is paid in full.



We do not want to have anyone excluded because of lack of finances. If you truly are not able to afford part or all of these fees, send a written request for a scholarship. Scholarships will be given according to family need and funding available.







Refund Policy:


All fees are non- refundable.



Illness Policy:


People with the following symptoms should not attend:

1. Fever (within the last twenty-four hours)

2. Colored mucus (yellow or green snotty nose)

3. Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea

4. Eye drainage

5. Virus or infection (known to be contagious)

6. Rashes (including bleeding sores)

7. Head lice or wingworm


This is for the protection of the children and families involved, so we can continue to provide the highest quality program for all children. Please be considerate of others regarding your child(ren) and illnesses. Elijah's Place staff is not medically authorized to administer medication.




Parents it is important for your child/children to attend class for which they are registered. The class instructor has made a commitment and has spent time preparing for each student. Parents are asked to please notify their Team Leadership of their absence.  






Families will be placed on an e-mail loop, which will be our main means of communication. Members are responsible for reading their e-mails or website to learn important announcements related to the co-op. If technical problems occur, please let the Leadership Team know so that telephone arrangements can be made.





Elijah's Place reserve the right to refuse the admittance of any family into Elijah's Place and families reserve the right to not allow your child/children to be educated by us for any reason. We fully understand that Elijah's Place may not be for every family. However, our guidelines as stated in the handbook is our Golden rule!! Our Homeschool is invested in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and it is our way and our Foundation. "With our knowledge our children is limited, with THE knowledge they are limitless"



Thank you for abiding by these policies so that everyone may be able to enjoy this experience with as little disruption as possible.



Elijah's Place Team



The Purpose Of Education

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By Minister Louis Farrakhan

Updated Sep 11, 2003 - 


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.


[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following text is excerpted from "A Torchlight for America," chapter 4, pages 47-53, written by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, 1993.]


Let’s deal with what education is supposed to be as opposed to what it is in America. One of the things that separates man from beast is knowledge. Knowledge feeds the development of the human being so that the person can grow and evolve into Divine and become one with the Creator. It’s not one’s maleness or femaleness, being Black or being White, rather it is our growth and reflection of knowledge that distinguishes us from the lower forms of life.


Education is supposed to be the proper cultivation of the gifts and talents of the individual through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge satisfies our natural thirst for gaining that which will make us one with our Maker. So true education cultivates the person—mind, body and spirit—by bringing us closer to fulfilling our purpose for being, which is to reflect Allah (God).


The second purpose for education, after self-cultivation, is to teach us how to give proper service to self, family, community, nation and then to the world.


The problem in today’s education is that the root motivation is the acquisition of wealth and material things rather than cultivation of the human spirit. In a study conducted by Dr. Harold Stevenson, professor of psychology at the University of Michigan (in which he compared American schools to those in East Asia) the educational deficiencies of America’s youth were traced to the motivational forces promoted by America’s culture. In response to a "wish" question, Chicago children tended to wish for money and material objects while Beijing children wished for educational goals. Dr. Stevenson concluded that "clearly, a challenge in the U.S. is to create a greater cultural emphasis on education and academic success. But we must also make changes in the training of teachers and in their teaching schedules, so that they, too, will be able to incorporate sound teaching practices into their daily routines."


Put God first

True and proper education starts with the knowledge of God. And yet God is taken out of the schools. It is ridiculous that the school day does not begin with prayer. God is the author of all knowledge, so why should He be taken out of the schools?


Recognition of God is the proper beginning point for understanding every discipline. If we cannot honor God, the Supreme Teacher, then how can the children honor their teachers? We have this thing all backwards. You don’t pledge your allegiance to a flag, which is merely the symbol of a nation. You pledge allegiance to God, and you work for your flag and country.


A while ago I coined the phrase, "he who gives the diameter of your knowledge prescribes the circumference of your activity." If you gain a limited knowledge then you restrict the possibilities of what you can and will achieve. The capacity of man’s brain is infinite. Therefore, the greater one’s knowledge grows, the greater becomes one’s sphere of activity until it encompasses and reflects mastery of self and mastery of the universe.


The knowledge of God is infinite. I would argue that leaving God out of our schools limits our education and confines the scope of what we are equipped to do and achieve.


As an example, in the recent movie on Malcolm X we saw a young man who looks like many young men today, except that he rose from a low life of crime and ignorance into the man who a great many now admire. Malcolm rose to his heights because he was taught the knowledge of God, self and others by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Because Malcolm was taught outside of the sphere of White supremacist teaching, he never lost a debate, even against the most learned of the society and even though he had just an eighth-grade education. God was present and foremost in Malcolm’s "true" education, and this is why he achieved what for others would be an impossibility.


Teach the true knowledge of self and others

Every human being requires a knowledge of self as part of the proper cultivation of the divinity that is in them. Additionally, and if we hope to live together in peace with others in the society, we must know something of the cultures that make up this so-called melting pot.


A new public school system should relate the curriculum to the self. When we see the curriculum as an outgrowth of self, then we can identify with the curriculum, giving us an incentive to learn. In the Muhammad University of Islam school system, our students’ learning is facilitated because they identify with the subjects. They are taught that they are the subject. They are taught, "I am chemistry." Not, "I am a student of chemistry," rather, "I am biology. I am economics. I am history. I am mathematics." When we relate the forces within self to the forces that lie outside the self, this connects us to subjects we are studying in a manner that we can ultimately master these subjects.


Our bodies are controlled by the mind. So mastering economics should not be as difficult with this thought in mind. This body takes in and separates what is useful, puts it to productive use, and eliminates what is wasteful. Therefore, this body is economics and since I am the master of this body, I can master economics.


It’s imperative to teach people about themselves, their history, their bodies and their nature so that they can become self masters. Mastery of self is the key to mastery of all disciplines because in some way every discipline is present within ourselves.


Once we have a mastery of self-knowledge, it’s important to be taught the true history of the other people who make up this country. This promotes mutual respect for the members of the human family, lending to a peaceful and productive society.


This is why Black history should be studied, not only by Black people, but by White people. As we have developed a respect for White people by knowing their history and great accomplishments, Whites will develop a respect for Black, Native American and Hispanic people and all the peoples of the Earth when they know the histories and contributions of others to the onward march of civilization in a pluralistic society such as they claim this is.


It is absolutely a vital necessity that the people who make up America should be a part of the study of those who call themselves Americans, and in that way we grow to respect one another. Even if we never grow to love one another, mutual respect is all that is really required to make the nation truly great.


If America believes in pluralism, a new system of education must be developed that gives all human beings their proper due. The current study of American history is nothing more than the indoctrination of Americans in the ideas of White supremacy and Black inferiority. At best, Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans learn how to use wit and skill to maneuver in a hostile environment, but they are not taught how to create new circumstances that make freedom, justice and equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness realities instead of just words on a piece of paper.


The fundamental philosophies of Western civilization are rooted in White supremacy. You can’t bring a Black child into that kind of educational environment and produce a child who loves and respects itself. You produce a child who bows down to White people and looks at White people as being God. I’m not saying it’s wrong to respect another human being, but it is totally inappropriate to worship another human being—who is no better than yourself—as though they are a god beside Allah (God).


If Whites patterned themselves after God then we could follow them. But they have done quite the contrary. And so we can’t follow their example and permit our children to be destroyed with false knowledge that breeds in White children a superior attitude and breeds a sense of inferiority in Black children and an attitude that says we cannot accomplish what we will.


This is why Malcolm X left school and went into criminal life. There seems to be a practice of identifying young, brilliant Black children, particularly Black boys, and casting in their minds suggestions that stagnate their development and kill their upward movement. Evil suggestions were made to Malcolm, to me (and others in the past) as students in the school system. I know that these same evil suggestions are being made to tens of thousands of today’s young Black children.


One of America’s greatest crimes was and is depriving us totally of the knowledge of self. This is a crime of immeasurable dimension. Having been deprived of the richness of our history deprives us of the springs and motives of human action that would tell us the possibilities that are within us. If you know what your forebears did, then you know the realm of possibility for you. If you are deprived of that history, then you have nothing to connect yourself to as a person. You are left vulnerable to attach yourself to the circumstances you are given, and in a White society everything that is given to us has a Eurocentric perspective that has historically been hostile to Black people.


We as Black people never, therefore, get a root in ourselves, but focus instead on White people—their vision and accomplishments—as the standard by which we judge our possibilities. Further, we are subtly and overtly taught that we can never measure up to them and achieve their level of accomplishments because, by nature, we are inferior beings.


Honor the profession of teaching

Teachers are the stewards of the proper cultivation of the people. Without teachers, we have an underdeveloped people. With an underdeveloped people, we set the stage for a backward society, which we are witnessing in the present-day reversal of America as a world power.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that education is the torchlight of civilization. If the educational system is declining, this is a sign that the whole of the civilization will follow into a state of decline.


What are we going to do about a country that can give a man millions of dollars to throw a ball into a hoop and will not pay an educator an adequate salary? What does this say about our understanding of education and its importance? We have a serious misplacement of values and priorities that needs to be corrected.


Teachers must be compensated commensurate with their role in society. We have to restore honor among those who choose and are employed in this noble profession. Better compensation of education professionals at the public school level can help us attract and retain those whose talent is otherwise channeled into corporate America and other endeavors that pay more and provide lifestyles that are treated with respect and honor. In so doing, the school system can be more selective and use only those teachers who have a genuine love for people and a desire to bring the best out of our children. Surely with all of the recent layoffs in corporate America there must be an abundance of qualified people who can provide our children with better education.


Registration Form

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Parents,  please see below information on registration:

2013-2014 Class Registration Form  

We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to serve you, your family and the home schooling community.

Teacher Name: __________________________________ USE ONE FORM PER TEACHER

 Fill out this registration form and mail with one month’s tutition to Elijah's Place

Your tuition check/ money order will not be cashed before Aug15, 2013. After Aug 1, 2013 no refunds will be issued.

Parents can make cash payments.

 If you have any questions about a class, please contact us @ 773.420.3850

There is a $ 75.00 per FAMILY registration fee and a $ 80.00 assessment fee for children that is coming from public school, unless parent submit a copy of assessment scores. All fees and advance tuition must be paid before class registrations are completed. Family discount for more than two children.


 Please cut and paste, print and return  Family Agreement  2013-2014 form and return with your $75.00 FAMILY registration fee to:

Remonia Muhammad/ Elijah's Place: 1974 East 73rd Street. Suite 185 Chicago, Ill 60649

Please Print Neatly

1. Parents’ Names:_____________________________________________________



Parent Email:___________________ Student Email:________________________

Hm Phone:___________________ Cell:Mom____________ Cell: Dad___________

Emergency Contact:_____________________________ Phone:________________

2. Please enter the student's name and grade level.  1st Child pay full tuition, 2nd child 20% dicount & 3rd child 30% discount

Student Name:___________________________ Age:_____ Male/Female Birth Month/Year __________

Monthly Tuition $_________

Student Name:___________________________ Age:_____ Male/Female Birth Month/Year __________

 Monthly Tuition $_________

Student Name:___________________________ Age:_____ Male/Female Birth Month/Year __________

Monthly Tuition $______________

TOTAL MONTHLY TUITION $_________       

Lab Fee, Supply Fee or Book Fee (if applicable) $ _________

(Please initial 3-6)

3. _____ I understand that I must pay child / children tuition on time.

4. _____ I understand that the yearly tuition has been divided into 10 monthly payments (August through June).

The full monthly tuition is due regardless of how many classes are taught in a month.  Full Tution is due (400.00) on time every month or $100.00 per week.

5. _____ I understand that this is a full year commitment.

6._____ I agree to the terms of this agreement.


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1. We believe in putting God first.

2. We believe in educating our children to the true knowledge of self and others.

3. We believe in educating our children to proper cultivate the gifts and talents of the individual through the acquisition of knowledge

4. We believe in cultivating our children's minds, bodies, and spirits by bringing the individual closer to fulfilling their purpose of being, which is to reflect  (God)

5. We believe in educating our children on how to give proper service to self, family, community, nation, and then to the world.

“Education is the torchlight of Civilization”

A Day At Elijah's Place

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  Mon- Wed: 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00pm

 Thur- Fri: Community Enrichment 


The staff of Elijah's Place believe that every student can learn, and they strive to meet the needs of the student through differentiated instruction.

 Children take classes in Language Arts, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, History, Spanish, Islamic Studies, and Physical Education. Health,  Manhood Training, Urban Gardening, Apprenticeship, Computer Class, Entrepreneur Training, Creative Writing, Goal Setting, Etiquette, Art and Music are included in the curriculum. Enrichment is provided through field trips, resource speakers, and extracurricular activities with other Homeschool Groups.



Student will eat their lunch in the designated areas. The lunchtime rules are as follows:

 Students should not talk loudly or yell.

Once students sit down they should remain in their seats until they are ready to dispose of their trash. .

Do not share food or eat off someone else’s tray. Do not play with food.

Students are responsible for picking up trash..



Dress Code:

Black Suites Red Bowtie and white shirts. Sweat pants and shirt for down days.

Dress code facilitates a sanctuary of the proper cultivation of our minds.

Dress code promotes uniformity and can be help in teaching young men to be brothers.

Dress code is a protection for our students in that they gain the peace of mind from knowing that others have to conform to a code as well as themselves. 

Uniforms will be on hand to purchase, see any parent at Elijah's Place.


Parent Teacher Partnership:


Teachers should be charged with the responsibility of developing a partnership with parents to ensure that each child develops. Parents must committ to three parent/ teacher conference progress meetings and  three fundraisers.

Student Code of Conduct:


The following Rules and Regulations are designed for the efficient operation of Elijah's Place and to insure success of the Children who matriculate through the facility. Infraction of these regulations can be a basis for dismissal from Elijah's Place


Standard of Conduct and Demeanor:


1. A professional, disciplined bearing will be maintained at all times, in or out of the classroom. Polite and courteous conduct will be required of all students at all times. The use of coarse, profane, vulgar, discourteous language or comments (in any form) relating to another’s sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age or disability will not be tolerated and is prohibited.


2. A student shall not indulge in lewd, obscene or immoral conduct.


3. Students are expected to maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance in keeping with the culture of Elijah's Place


4 .Eating or drinking is permitted only in the designated area. All trash must be place in the proper receptacles. During free time the Children are to remain in the designated area or outside so as not to disturb classes in session.


5.There will be no sleeping or dozing in class. If you feel the need to sleep you may excuse yourself and take a much needed break.:)


6..When replying to each other, instructors,  and parents, a student will respond with a polite “Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am, No Sir, No Ma’am. This courtesy applies at  Elijah's Place and at any other activity sponsored by Elijah's Place.



Freeing the young minds from unnecessary distractions will allow the mind to be cultivated and mature into the knowledge of self so that they may relate to others on a mature and respectful level.


“An idle mind is the devils workshop”

We do not desire to run our Home School  in the same manner as a Public School setting. It is very important that we strive to bring the love and joy of learning back into the hearts of our boys. Our classrooms is a place that ofers them Freedom, Justice & Equality.. We believe that they should have the freedom to learn on their own terms. Meaning.. Each of us have a deep desire to learn and however we learn is and should be respected. We will not hinder that in anyway. We have a "you can talk and free to roam policy" Understanding the energy of boys:/ We allow for them to move as they please.. There is no need to ask permission to relieve yourself! There is no need to ask permission to have a drink of water!  There is no need to ask if you can hold conversation with the brother sitting next to you! We desire that everyone is treated in the manner that reflects the treatment we require from others. 

Our Classroom reflects peace..... And  that becomes the reflection that you see in your son's. We require that each student, be who they were created to be... Life Force, Supreme Energy.. being that of a mere reflection of the Creator... When he created this vast universe, he was free to roam and create out of the NOTHINGNESS of the universe... And so it should be with our boys if they are to reflect the energy of Life Force.. Which is the energy of God himself.. 


 1.Classes will be conducted according to the schedule presented. Classes ordinarily are for 45 minutes each, followed by a (one) 15-minute break.

 2.There is now standard seating, If there is an open seat its theirs..

 3.Students may talk to each other in class. However we ask that its not in a manner to disturb other classmates.

4. When a student desires to ask a question, he may raise his hand and the teacher will assist student.

5. Students may get up and go to rest room/ drink water whenever they choose to. There is no need to ask...:D

6. There will not be any cell phones or games permitted, unless otherwise approved by instructor. Clarity... They may have their cell phones on their person.. No Texting, facebook etc; unless were working on something that requires usage.

7. Prayer is a very important part of our day. Prayer is said before and at the end of our day.

All students are required to attend community prayer on Friday's...


This is for all trips etc;

 Obey the  driver

Stay in the seat

Behave in an orderly and safe manner

No profane language

No vandalism or destruction


Any student who misbehaves or interferes with safe operations of the bus/car will be in violations of the policy and procedures and a meeting would be scheduled with the parent,.