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TO OUR MIS-Education

"He who gives the diameter of your knowledge prescribes the circumference of your activity." If you gain a limited knowledge then you restrict the possibilities of what you can and will achieve. The capacity of man’s brain is infinite. Therefore, the greater one’s knowledge grows, the greater one’s sphere of activity becomes, until it encompasses and reflects mastery of self and mastery of the universe.

                                           - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan 

Elijah's Place is a home school network of committed parents who saw the need to provide a different quality of education for their children. We opened our home school network 5 years ago with a prayer and a vision to give to other families what we believe is the answer to the declining educational system.  Elijah's Place is named after The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad stressed the importance of Freedom, Justice And Equality. He said that True Knowledge of God, self and the Knowledge of others are the reality of  true Freedom, Justice and Equality. The education of our children and the education of the masses of Black people in America are the mission of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  He believed that boys should be taught apart from girls, given the unique needs of the two. Our mission is to provide a safe and caring environment for young men to grow into their full potential. We believe that we can provide each student with the ability to learn and grow on his own terms. Not all students have the ability to grow from an environment that says: "You need to keep up with your classmates in order to grow".  Elijah's Place is the first, all- male focused home school co-op. We focus on 4th thru 9th grade boys. There have been countless studies that reveal that something happens to black boys once they reach 4th grade. We believe that somewhere between Pre - K and 4th grade, their spirits are being crushed by a system that says "your success is failure". We would like to change the reality of our boys' spirits from being crushed by providing them with the environment to grow beyond the limtations that have been placed on them; thus making them Masters of their own environment.

A new public school system should  be centered around the curriculum of "self". When we see the curriculum as an outgrowth of self, then we can identify with the curriculum, giving us an incentive to learn. "I am biology. I am economics. I am history. I am mathematics." When we relate the forces within self to the forces that lie outside the self; this connects us to subjects we are studying in a manner that allows us to ultimately master these subjects.

                                             - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan